ATL PREVENTION RESEARCH L.L.C.  is proud to support our U.S. Government “Community Safety and  Resilience” agenda by hosting this website and associated online  Community, which features five carefully selected campaigns, designed to  assist with important National priorities. 


Statutes, Presidential Decision  Directives (PDD), Government Accountability Office (GAO)  Recommendations, and Administrative Agency Guidelines are periodically  issued, and it is implied that pertinent organizations, agencies, and  their constituents or affiliates will exercise due diligence and strive  to fulfill, meet or exceed to these Directives, Recommendations, or  Guidelines. This website and associated Community was prepared as a HUB  for Ideas, Resources, and Information that will assist with fulfilling  objectives in accordance with the “National Planning Frameworks,” and  whereby “everyone” is represented, engaged and works together to advance  or achieve our  National Preparedness Goals.  These “goals” are  implemented as continuous improvements that will lead to an increasingly  “secure and resilient nation with the capabilities required across the  whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and  recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk.” 


https://uscsrh.ideascale.com   Click Register or Login or Sign In  in the top right corner.  It’s as simple as entering your email address  and choosing a password, that’s all!   You can create your very own  IdeaScale profile later (as you wish).   All linked materials are  checked to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. 


In this community, you can submit ideas, vote on existing ideas, or add comments.  To submit  an idea, please click the new idea button below. You will then be asked  to add a title and choose a campaign for the new idea. You will also  have the option to add tags to the idea. To vote on an idea, simply click the up or down thumb (located to the left of the idea title/description).  To add a comment,  click in the box below the idea.  If you would like to see all ideas  created with a specific tag, you can click on the word or phrase via the  tag-cloud in the right navigation area under "What we are discussing." You can also view ideas sorted by Campaigns from the right navigation area.  To return to the home page, click the All Ideas link on the top navigation bar. 


Community members at IdeaScale  provide invaluable Ideas for each objective as they wish.  All  campaigns contain elements of the National Response Framework (which is  an all-discipline, all-hazards, all-incidence schema that establishes a  single, comprehensive Framework for the management of domestic incidents  at all levels e.g. local, state, and “Incidences of National  Significance”), including an all-inclusive and perpetuitous development  process. Supporting policy and directives may include:  HOMELAND  SECURITY ACT 2002 TITLE-V, as well as, various Homeland Security  Presidential Directives, National Continuity Policy, and  (NSPD-51/HSPD-20) to consolidate and facilitate sharing of resources or  information related to national domestic all-hazards preparedness goals.   Although PDD’s and the National Response Framework cover broad-based  initiatives, this community has focused special emphasis on HSPD-8  (unified agency preparedness), and further respects New PDD’s which  emphasize “Mitigation.”  We believe in and hope to promote an “All of  Nation” approach, focusing on the building blocks of community  resilience, prevention strategy, and seamless integration of our law  enforcement, military, and intelligence professionals.  Also, we will  continue to support GAO budget goals and the volunteering goals of the  National Office of Citizen Corp"s (FEMA - Individual and Community  Preparedness Division) by attempting to generate match criteria for  volunteers with various stakeholders and incidence scenarios.  Annex-I  National Planning and Communications are further supplemented herein via  support for (IPS/CPG-101, NIMS, NRF & NIC). More specific campaign  information and instructions are located on each campaign main page. 

CAMPAIGN-1: AVAILABILITY & CONNECTIVITY supports growth and development of the entire National Planning Framework.
CAMPAIGN-2: VIEWPOINTS & CAPABILITIES supports awareness and  assesses, supports, and aids in the connectivity of the entire National  Planning Framework.
CAMPAIGN-3:  GAO URGENT ISSUES supports awareness and the creation of  solutions for the major, current, and very specific GAO recommendations  that pertain to the National Planning Framework especially “Prevention,”  “Protection” and “Recovery.”
 CAMPAIGN-4: PUBLIC URGENT ISSUES supports awareness and the creation of  solutions for the “Mitigation,” “Response” and “Recovery” aspects of the  National Planning Framework.
CAMPAIGN-5: TECHNOLOGY ISSUES supports awareness and the creation of  solutions for the serious cyber, grid and infringement issues our Nation  faces.